martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


El 2013 llega a su fin y os dejo con el último post del año. Este  look es del día de navidad. Espero que os guste. Os deseo todo lo mejor para el 2014, que se cumplan todos vuestros sueños.

2013 is getting to its end and this is the last post of the year, my look on Christmas' Day. I hope you like it. Wish you all the best for the next 2014 and hope all your dreams cme true. Happy New Year!

Top: Pepa Loves
Shorts: Lefties
Necklace: Lefties
Clutch: Dior
Boots: Primark
Tights: H&M

2 comentarios:

  1. Awww such a cutie girl!!!
    Ur dream will come true, I really know it!!!! Or ... We will have to make some mardisiones gitanahs!!!!! Jujuju.
    Hope we have an amazing year. This hasn't been our year, i know i have had a lot of great moments, and u too. Bud the bad ones have ruined the great ones :(((. The only thing i'd save would be the SP concert!!!!! Ahhhhhh such an amazing experience.

    Hope u have a great start of the year my dear lovely girl <3
    Much love

  2. Me encantan los pantalones, estás guapísima!